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So I have no problem with the transgender (or "intersex") pronoun "ze"...

A year after the horrendous terrorist attack at Nice, on the French Riviera last year, maybe everyone should mark France's national holiday next Friday, on July 14, as a show of solidarity.

Mary Kenny All of life's experiences come to an end, eventually, and I knew that one day I'd be booted out of the adorable, if somewhat ramshackle, Georgian flat that I have rented in Dublin's Kildare Street since 1996.

The French have a famous saying which I believe to be true: "The more things change, the more they stay the same." ("Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.") Things change all the time, and dramatically, too. Mary Kenny The world is divided into those who favour dogs and those who favour cats: just now, dogs seem to be winning attention.

Dietrich played the role of femme fatale in many a film, when as a woman whose power is in her beauty...

Mary Kenny The Russian Revolution of October 1917 is seen as a stirring event, not unlike the Easter Rising of 1916: when an archaic and reactionary regime is replaced by a vital new leadership.

It's taken soon after her 1930s debut in The Blue Angel, an erotic tale about a sedate professor who falls under the spell of a night-club singer.

Have you ever asked "what should I do with my life? Domestic violence is an odious crime, but it is also a world-wide phenomenon, and no society has managed to extinguish it.

And violence against women, according to UN Drugs and Crime statistics, is often proportionately worse in rich, developed countries than in poorer, less developed ones.

Dog sociologists like John Bradshaw have observed that we are becoming much more anthropomorphic about doggies.

Canine pets used to be given names like Rover or Fido: now they're christened (virtually)...

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Mary Kenny Have you ever considered walking out of your marriage or relationship?

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