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You can do this by adding the My SQL Yum repository to the systems (see Adding the My SQL Yum Repository) and install the latest shared libraries using the instructions given in Installing Additional My SQL Products and Components with Yum.

The instructions and screenshots on this page were created using SUSE Linux 9.1 Professional and KDE.

If it is a patch to existing software such as a kernel update you will see a "swirl" icon signifying an update.

If you elect not to download this update, you would just click on the box until it displayed the check.

Some packages may require you to agree to licensing terms or may have additional instructions on how to proceed with the update.

You will see a checkbox near the bottom that says "Remove Source Packages after Update"; check that box if you do not want to keep the source packages.

And, as expected, if those libraries are not in place, the applications requiring the shared libraries will fail.

So, be sure to deploy the packages for the shared libraries from My SQL on those systems.

The following screen will display the progress as the selected updates are downloaded and installed.Your machine will contact the server you selected and see if there are any updates available for your installed software.Depending on the time of day, your internet connection, and other factors, this can go quickly or it can take a little time. There is plenty to take in on this screen, we'll just hit the basics; it is often a good idea to maximize this window so you can see all the information a little easier.Some may effect utilities you don't use or may be for hardware you don't have.For the most part, the descriptions are fairly good and should help you decide if it is an update you need.

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Finally, you can configure automatic updates; if you have broadband and leave your box on all the time you can use it if you want to; I like to do it manually.

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