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Sometimes, you may not only need to purchase a new CPU but also a new CPU fan that goes along with it if the old one is not powerful enough to keep the new processor under the temperature threshold.Motherboard The motherboard is probably the most difficult component to replace in a computer.Video Card Replacing an onboard video card or an older card with a new one can be very beneficial, especially for gaming, video editing, and other activities that make use of the video card.: while it may be tempting to put the meanest video card out there in your PC, a far better solution is to select one that is slightly less powerful but more power and cost efficient.The two breakthrough cards you may want to look at are Nvidia's GTX 1070 and AMD's Radeon RX 480.Solid State Drives with 250 Gigabyte of storage are available for less than for instance.If you have enough connectors for an additional drive, it may make sense to add the Solid State Drive to the PC instead of replacing the old hard drive with it.From what I could gather, Nvidia's card is faster than AMD's card, but it costs nearly twice as much.

They are backwards compatible, but if you want to get the most out of the drive, it is beneficial if the PC supports SATA III as well.This is helpful if you notice overheating issues when using the PC.One additional fan, or a better one, may make the difference between a PC that is powering down frequently because of overheating, and one that does not do so.Consult the manual to find out about compatibility, and make sure you check for BIOS / UEFI upgrades as well to see if they exist and may add support for new processor types.You will face four core issues when it comes to processor upgrades.

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