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She hands over the Crystal Heart, but they are too late to stop the corruption since the ice princess is the only one who can use the Crystal Heart's power, and she cannot leave her home. Electric fools Sharkboy into jumping into water filled with electric eels, seemingly killing him.

Many of the concepts and much of the story were conceived by Rodriguez's children.

Tobor gives them a lift to other parts of the planet. They plan to visit the Ice Princess and obtain the Crystal Heart, which can freeze time, giving them enough time to get to the center of Planet Drool and fix the dreamworld using Max's daydreaming. Electric, and delivered to Linus's Planet Drool incarnation Minus, who has altered the dreamworld with Max's own dream journal, and traps the three in a cage.

The three form a friendship during their journey, but they face hardships, such as Sharkboy's anger for the oceans being frozen over, and Lavagirl's desperation to find her true purpose on Planet Drool. Sharkboy gets annoyed by Minus and has a shark frenzy, destroying the cage.

After they escape, Max retrieves the dream journal from Minus while he is sleeping.

Max informs Sharkboy that his father is alive in his book, but when Lavagirl wishes to learn what it says about her true identity, she burns the book to ash.

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