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If you’ve been in contact with your ex during recent days and weeks you may have faced repeated rejection, disappointment and arguments followed by feelings of pain, confusion and despair. No contact is about cutting your losses and drawing the line. No contact is about accepting that you are no longer connected to your ex-girlfriend and letting go of the connection you once shared.

Those feelings have been taking a toll on how you feel in general. How they respond or interpret your decision to sever communications is their business, not yours.

I want to take a moment and address these questions and hopefully leave you with a better understanding of the importance of going NC.

But every time you get in touch it ends up in disaster – you try to get her back and she pulls away further. Save yourself time and needless suffering and get access to my best pieces of advice in my book: The Breakup Recovery Manual for Men.) No contact is .

They were the actions of a man who knows exactly how a young woman, filled to the brim with excitement and ambition, will feel in his company and so will pull the rug from under her feet to let her know how expendable she is, how she must please him to get ahead. It is they who need our compassion and understanding; if you’re young and your heart is racing because you are about to meet someone powerful, someone who can help make your dreams come true, you might be knocked for six when that person tries to coerce you into sex. How they would trust him, and be desperate for him to recognise their potential. That is someone who has been emboldened by their position of power to visit the darkest part of their nature, the part that has no empathy and causes harm.

His industry has turned a blind eye to the actions of powerful movie men like him for too long to bear. You are afraid to react because, frankly you’re shocked and didn’t have your guard up in the way you would when, say, you were walking through a subway alone at night. Calling someone out on this sort of thing is tough.

Any addiction is hard to describe to someone who isn’t an addict. Weinstein tells reporters, “We all make mistakes.” But Hollywood has been making these “mistakes” for decades.

“So, you do this thing that gives you pleasure for a moment but then plunges you into a valley of pain and despair? Finally, our culture has moved forward enough to give women the courage to speak out.

I often get the question “Does the no contact rule work? Some guys haven’t reached their tipping point and are still holding on hope of reconciliation. It goes against your very nature not to turn to the person that you were so intimate with, when you are upset.Perhaps she’s even giving you mixed signals, at times pushing you away and at times wanting you near. In fact, repeatedly re-engaging your ex and suffering through the consequences is not sustainable strategy for you — nor is it for anyone. It’s not a fancy maneuver to reawaken the feelings your ex-girlfriend lost towards you.It’s not a social engineering tactic to pique her interest and plant a new seed of attraction.So accepted has this kind of behaviour been in his industry that he had the boldness to make such a ghastly enquiry as though he was asking, “Have we ever been to a Wetherspoon together?” As an addict myself, I’ve spent enough hours of my life listening to others in 12-step programmes to make the wild assumption that Weinstein’s actions weren’t the compulsions of an addict. He will have known how in awe of him those young women would be.

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