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After being in the dating game for a while, you start to notice the red flags that come up to warn you that the girl you’re dating may be crazy.

How dare your Dad flip out on you when you’re 13, throw a huge house party, get caught having sex in his bedroom as he breaks up the party. The hatred of a parent or lack of one is the beginning. They would gasp and say, “NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH HER?!” I would’ve listened right away, but they were so attractive, and somehow the more crazy and attractive they are, the better they are at sex.It’s the manipulation, sex and attractiveness that makes you miss the red flags.Put forth your head and let me crack an egg of knowledge on you. I could go on, but I will leave you advice from my buddy that I should’ve listened to before being stupid enough to date a stripper for over a year: “You bang a stripper, you don’t date them, you f*cking idiot.” For some odd reason, whenever a girl that has mental problems talks about past relationships with abusive ex’s, it always has a story where they were thrown down a flight of stairs.

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