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With no father around, Jett stole food and money to help himself and his mother.Mc Donald told Andrea Black, editor of the Home & Away Collector's Edition 2012 magazine, that Jett was a regular teenager, who just wanted to fit in.Marilyn notices Jett having trouble swimming back and realises she cannot reach him in time.

When asked what the most challenging aspects of playing Jett were, Mc Donald said "I've led an opposite life to Jett - he had this horrible upbringing, so I've had to put myself in that place as to what I would do if I had to survive on my own and provide for a family." The Palmers later announce their intention to adopt Jett and Todd said "John and Gina love Jett – they feel they can give him the love and parenting that he deserves.

He does manage to save Jett and Peacocke added that the scenes resembled US television series Baywatch.

While at the beach, Jett steals a tourist's wallet.

John Palmer tries to catch him, but Jett outruns him.

Jett later steals VJ Patterson's shirt and hits him.

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Mc Donald earned a nomination for the Most Popular New Male Talent Logie Award for his portrayal of Jett.

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  1. Thus begins a quest to soothe and quiet Gaea, which will require a group of daring and talented teens and an extremely unlikely alliance between the Roman and Greek gods (and their offspring).