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Once they are put back together, the radiographer can cut it into the slices in any direction that will help the radiologist (a doctor who has specialised in diagnostic imaging) to see the parts of the body that are of interest.

Depending on the type of scan that you are having and the hospital or radiology practice, you may be asked to change into a gown to avoid parts of your clothing affecting the scan.These instructions are very important, as they may affect the accuracy of the test or require that the test be rebooked if you are not properly prepared for the CT scan.Some tests require no preparation, these include: brain, sinus or facial bones, temporal bones (inner ear), spine, knee or wrist and CTs of the bones.You should receive instructions from the hospital or private radiology practice where you are having the CT scan before your appointment.If you are an inpatient in a hospital, the nurses caring for you will ensure that the appropriate preparations are carried out.

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